Sustainable Performance

From our inception, the fundamental idea that it takes courage not to compromise, has been a north star and a driving force. In the sportswear industry, we are often forced into a compromise; between high performance and sustainability. We think it takes only one idea, one company, with the courage to refuse to compromise to start a quiet revolution. 

That revolution starts with passion. But not empty, corporate doublespeak ‘passion’, but an authentic desire and enthusiasm to prove that if you want to create genuinely world-leading high performance apparel, you can do so with genuinely world-leading sustainability.  

Every garment we have ever created has been engineered from the ground up with the most sustainable materials and technologies possible; recycled yarns, eco-friendly dye, biodegradable fibres, and much more. We can make this claim and sleep soundly at night because everything we do is transparent and traceable, authenticated and certified by third-parties and us. 

[1] A message from the Founders

At the forefront of our minds when we develop genuinely groundbreakingly sustainable technologies, is the idea that the pursuit of one should not impact the execution of the other. Our meticulous, obsessive attention to detail is what means we produce apparel with never before seen high performance technologies. We engineer all of our fabrics, select the finest filaments, and collaborate with the leading minds in sustainable business practices.

We are utterly uncompromising in our pursuit of excellence; for the planet and for the people who show their belief in our ideals by buying Pressio. 

Designed to perform. Designed to preserve. 

Jamie Hunt & Andy Nicholson

[2] Manero eos et accusamus et iusto dignissios.

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