Ecotect 3L Waterproof Jacket

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The world's first jacket with an inner, outer and membrane that are all fully recycled. They stop the wind and the rain getting in, while letting the sweat get out, with our 20/25k technology. A true thoroughbred, laden with tech, giving you exactly what you need from a run jacket.

World leading comfort and performance:

  • Insanely dry, yet incredibly breathable. Normally you get one or the other, but you don’t have to decide thanks to 20k moisture release and 25k waterproofing.
  • Performance is in the details. Tape-sealed seams, waterproof zips, and stretchy in every direction.

World leading sustainability:

  • A world first. The first waterproof jacket where the inner, outer and membrane layers are all fully recycled.
  • Made from recycled materials. 18 plastic water bottles went into this jacket.
  • Making an effort. It’s tricky to make something sustainable that’s both waterproof AND breathable. But we managed it.

Product Highlights

Recycled & Recyclable

100% recycled and recyclable fibres


Complete waterproofing.

Enhanced Durability

Built to endure.

Fabric Library

We design, manufacture and engineer everything about our fabrics.

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